Guild of Erotic Photographers

The Guild of Erotic Photographers was formed as an umbrella organisation to bring together photographers working in the field of erotica. Our aim is to promote tasteful, yet challenging photographic works of art to the world.

Erotic depictions have existed in many forms, showing scenes of a sexual nature throughout history. Nearly every civilisation, ancient and modern, has created them, whether cave paintings from the Palaeolithic era, or Roman Sculptures and mosaics. During the Victorian era things began to change and Erotic works were kept from all but the upper class and scholars.

Times have now changed, we live in a day and age where erotic art is revered and sort after by many, and with the advent of the Internet more work than ever is available to the world. However we all know that when sifting through the net for erotic art, it will bring more pornography than actual art. The Guild of Erotic Photographers aims to gather the best erotic art photography together and sift through the pornography

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