This register aims to bring together erotic model and photographer. The models listed below are all members of the Guild you may contact them directly by the link given below to request rates and levels. It is a condition of the Guild that you treat all models with respect and courtesy at all times, failure to do so will result in expulsion from the Guild. All models work on a freelance basis independently of the Guild. MODELS - please contact us should you ever feel pressured or mistreated by a Guild member.

Model Directory

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Erotic Art Photography

New home of the Guild of Erotic Photographers


UK & Worldwide


UK & Worldwide

Azteria @Purpleport


South West & London


London & Worldwide

Miss Pixie


Amiria Divine

UK & Worldwide

Amiria Divine @ModelMayhem

Fawna Lastrisch

Wolverhampton Area

Victoria Summers

Somerset & UK

Lisa Smiths

London, UK & Worldwide

Elle Black


Chloe Lovette

Cheshire & UK

Jodie Taylor

Aberdeen & Scotland


London & UK

Tansy Blue

London & South East

Cassie Jade

Yorkshire, UK & Europe

Cassie Jade @Purestorm

Kinky n Sweet

London & UK

Zoe Pinknose

North West & UK

Amber West

London & UK


North West London

Dee Francis


Niki Flux

Milton Keynes & UK

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